Why IT Consulting Experts in the Bay Area Recommend SSO

Why IT Consulting Experts in the Bay Area Recommend SSO

What's SSO?

IT consulting experts in the Bay Area advise businesses to adopt SSO to secure their site. SSO stands for "Single Sign-On". Essentially, you can use a service like Office 360 so that any account you need to sign onto can be accessed through one login session. Essentially, good SSO signs on to all your social media accounts simultaneously, saving the hassle.

Advantages of SSO

IT services providers in the Bay Area offer a lot of options designed to expedite work. With SSO, you and your employees will be able to concentrate more time on interacting with clients and less time basically treading water getting your digital dashboard ready to go. Consider these distinct SSO advantages:

Reduction in User Credential Logins, Expanding Efficiency

IT consulting experts in the Bay Area advise reducing operational complication wherever and however necessary. In order to retain security, you'll have to change passwords at intervals, and if you have to keep doing that with a dozen different social media profiles, that can take hours. With SSO, you don't have to deal with that. You just change your login credentials when you need to, and it takes a matter of minutes for that change to populate throughout the surface area of your social media presence.

Reduced Security Threats Through Reduced Login Surface Area

IT services providers in the Bay Area cut security threats through simplification of log-on. When you've got a smaller surface area of login data, you give hackers a reduced target area, meaning they've got a harder time hitting their infiltration target. If you're always logging into 10 different sites just so you can start your workday, you're leaving yourself open.It's very likely you'll forget a password or leave login data where it can be found by underhanded cybercriminals. SSO erases all those problems in a simple way that's not only easy to understand, but relatively straightforward in terms of implementation.

Increased Speed and Efficiency in Managing Online Media Materials

When you can speed up login with SSO across the surface area of your operation, you save everybody's time and money. Your workforce can become productive more quickly, and so overall you're more efficient.

Increased Speed and Security Through SSO

At Riverfy, our IT consulting experts in the Bay Area can help you maximize your online security through SSO options that expand security of operations, reduce lost time in logins, and increase operational efficiency. Contact us now for more information on SSO and other tech trends.