Why VoIP Should Be Part of IT Consulting in Bay Area

Why VoIP Should Be Part of IT Consulting in Bay Area

Ask yourself how well your landline has been working for you. Does it ever drop phone calls or generate too much downtime? If so, find out from your IT consulting partner in Bay Area if they're able to help you shift to a VoIP system to replace your PBX system. With a minor upfront investment, you can switch to this more modern, efficient internet-based communication system and save plenty of money.

How VoIP Offers More for Less

The beauty of VoIP is that you can talk to customers around the world online without running up huge long distance phone bills. While landline service requires you to pay for phone usage, VoIP allows you to just pay for Internet data, which is integrated with a voice network. It also lets you call from remote locations using any device with an internet connection.VoIP is ideal for businesses that use remote workers or have multiple offices. If you want to add Skype to the system, you'll be able to talk face-to-face with partners and customers at no cost. The latest VoIP systems are designed so that any outsourced IT staff can maintain it, which can lower maintenance costs. The system comes with voice features and integrates with email, making business communication seamless.

Why Is VoIP Important to IT and Businesses?

Every IT consulting firm in Bay Area should at least be aware of the benefits of VoIP, since nearly a third of all businesses are now using it. For businesses that rely on teleconferencing, it's an easy decision to switch to VoIP. Here are some of the most important reasons to move to Internet-based calls instead of an old-fashioned landline:

  • Reduces long-distance landline phone bills
  • Allows you to integrate Skype Connect with a sip-enabled PBX
  • Easy low cost maintenance that can be outsourced
  • Add features and easily manage contacts
  • Helps cut carbon pollution if used remotely

With an uncertain economy, businesses must tighten their budgets and stay up-to-date with new technology as much as possible. Savings of 50-75% on long distance calls and 40% on local calls can be realized with this solution. Firms that choose VoIP will be able to encourage employees to make more long-distance phone calls without worrying about the cost. IT consultants will strengthen their reputations as helping businesses improve efficiency by offering this cost-cutting solution.

Steps Toward Joining the VoIP Revolution

  • Assess the functionality and costs of your current phone system
  • Ask a telecom pro to conduct a free audit of your system
  • Get a fast wireless connection
  • Upgrade your hardware
  • Install VoIP

VoIP works best on a high-speed Internet connection, so if you have an existing slow connection, you’ll need to upgrade. You’ll also need up-to-date hardware. It will be very difficult to multi-task if you’re using old computers since load time will be sluggish. Once you make the necessary upgrades and begin using VoIP, you'll be able to accomplish more work in less time, plus save money.


Small businesses can make their phone systems more efficient with VoIP. If your IT consulting partner in Bay Area hasn't heard of this technology or doesn't deal with it, contact us at Riverfy to learn more how we can save you time and money. VoIP is ideal for small businesses that want to reach a global market.