Working With IT Consulting Experts in The Bay Area to Maximize Email Security

Working With IT Consulting Experts in The Bay Area to Maximize Email Security

IT consulting in the Bay Area can be a key security factor in helping your business retain sustainable operations. Phishing and ransomware represent common threats to businesses, and they often enter networks through email.

Key Tips to Safeguard Your Email

IT services specialists in the Bay Area advise that you should carefully train personnel pertaining to email utility across your operational network. They need to be educated, tested, and updated. A few things you may want to advise them of include the following:

Carefully Examine Email Addresses, and Be Habitual About It

IT consulting professionals in the Bay Area advise that you should carefully vet all emails. Train employees regarding what they should look for, get in the habit of always checking email before opening it.Say your email address is Now say some enterprising hacker sends an email from See the difference? It's very slight--and most people won't notice. Expect phishing, ransomware, and other cybercrime network infiltration emails to look similar.

Grammar and Spelling Errors Are Red Flags for Scams

Grammatical, spelling, or other English areas in terms of context can be a dead giveaway of a scam. Watch for proper communication carefully in emails. If spelling is funky and syntax seems like something an alien might write, that's probably not a new client that sent you a message, it's probably a scammer.

Suspicious Attachments or Links: Sandboxing Is Key

You should use sandboxing for all emails, especially if you regularly send or receive attachments. Even if you don't send or receive files on the regular, sandboxing can be very important.Essentially, sandboxing is where files are "detonated" in a "safe" digital environment to determine if they can be trusted. Untrusted files won't make it through--generally. Hackers become increasingly sophisticated, so you want to have additional protection measures. Examine attachments consciously, watch for anything untoward in them.

Making Your Email Is As Secure As It Can Be

Effectively secure your email against cybercrime. Sandboxing, attachment cognizance, observation of spelling, and carefully examining sender addresses represent key measures you can take for protection. To learn more about known threats and how you can keep from being impacted by them, contact us at Riverfy. Our IT consulting team in the Bay Area is ready to serve you!